Construction Lending

Rates from 6.99% - Up to 90% Cost of New Construction

Construction Loans for Commercial and Single Family (323)622-8443

Synergy Financial Partners offers construction loans for single family homes. The private money construction loans we offer derive from the equity in the property rather than the credit profile of the borrower. Banks always look at a prospective borrower’s credit, income and assets to qualify potential borrows for a construction loan. However, with private money lenders greater flexibility exists pertaining to the types of loans and borrower circumstances. This offers construction borrowers more options to find the best suited lending solution.

Construction Loan Program Details

  • Experts in Commercial development loans
  • Bridge & Construction to Permanent Loan Specialist
  • Up to 90% the cost of new construction
  • Loan amounts from 500,000 to 25,000,000
  • 2nd loans up to 65% LTV for Rehab or construction
  • Land loans up to 60% LTV

Overview of the borrowers income and general credit

Estimated “as is” value and the after improvement value. Private money financiers like to ensure the borrower has enough income or liquid assets to complete the project. Ideally the borrower should be able to get through any unexpected obstacles to complete the project. An interest reserve account usually gets put into place to handle payments.

Construction Loans - How it Works

Our borrowers will pay interest on the full loan over the duration of the loan. We will hold the full amount of the loan and disburse payments to the borrower in phases throughout the construction project. When the borrower has demonstrated the project is 100% we can disburse any remaining funds.

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Construction Loan Process


The start of the process. You discuss your goals, expectations and circumstances with your loan officer. Then we begin the process of helping you find the most cost effective financing option for you.


Your loan officer will get basic information from you to accurately assess which loan options you qualify for.


Together we determine which documents you will need to provide us to submit your file to the next step.

Loan Processing

At Synergy we use in-house loan processing to optimize the process.


We will coordinate with all the parties involved in order to ensure the appraisal is completed to meet projected close times.

Conditional Approval

Conditional approval means your initial application is accepted and its time to work out the details of the loan with your loan officer. We work together to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Final Underwriting

The underwriter reviews and verifies all documents pertaining to your loan and prepares your loan for closing.


After final approval, you are ready to close. The final terms will be drafted up and you will sign all forms with a notary present.