Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Synergy Financial Partners offers construction loans for single family homes. The private money construction loans we offer derive from the equity in the property rather than the credit profile of the borrower. Banks always look at a prospective borrower’s credit, income and assets to qualify potential borrows for a construction loan. However, with private money lenders greater flexibility exists pertaining to the types of loans and borrower circumstances. This offers construction borrowers more options to find the best suited lending solution.

Construction Loan Program Details

Real estate and mortgage investment funds are growing popular with investors seeking an alternative to traditional equity investments. Our Synergy Fund underwrites and funds high yield, low loan to value(LTV) mortgages. These mortgage investment funds offer a reasonable balance of risk and reward secured by real estate collateral. We strive to main a stable return of 8% with room for an additional 1-5% dividends depending on the year. Your investment is secured by a financed property with a borrower thoroughly vetted and professionally qualified. Our borrowers generally come from real estate brokers and the network our executive team established during 25 years of lending and real estate experience. This experience allows us to prudently select a portfolio of mortgages underwritten to safe-guard investor capital. We believe in offering excellent customer service to our investors as well as borrowers.

Synergy fund is

Accessible - We offer free consultations to discuss prudent investment opportunities. Contact our executive team through the contact information provided and set up an appointment with our fund manager, Nasir Shaikh. He will personally answer all your questions.

Transparent - We will publish our lending portfolio which has been audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm. We want our investors to become fully comfortable with investing in our portfolio.

Dependable - We do not earn any income until you earn your investment return. Safe-guarding your capital is our primary concern. As experienced investors in the real estate market our goal is to provide you with low-risk opportunities in the strong California real estate market.

For the Synergy fund, we accept capital only from Accredited Investors. We recognize that you may be new to mortgage pool investing, may be looking for a new pool fund, or you may be accustomed to doing private lending on a one-off basis. No matter what kind of accredited investor you are, we’d like to meet you.

Interests in Synergy fund are available only to accredited investors who meet certain minimum annual or net thresholds. Interests in this fund are offered based on an exemption from the standard registration requirements of the Securities Act. Interests may be subject to legal restrictions on transfer and resale and investors should not assume freedom to resell their interests.

Investing involves risk that investors should be prepared to bear. No investment is free from risk and no strategy or risk management can guarantee returns or eliminate all risk. We use past performance data as a measure but that is not a guarantee or promise of future performance. The performance data of the fund may not be able to be directly compared to the performance of other private funds. Synergy is neither an attorney nor account and no portion of Synergy’s website should be interpreted as legal, tax or accounting advice.